It's Always Family

Finished reading: Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey πŸ“š

I don’t know if the authors had this ending plotted out from the beginning or not. It doesn’t really matter. The achievement of this series was to tell a story that had enough hard science, enough realpolitik, and enough woo-woo aliens while still being able to stay focused and driven by the human characters.

This final volume in The Expanse series gave me a chance to see how families can change, adapt, and find each other again. That feels like the greatest triumph. There were parents who let their children down, parents who got a second chance, and children who found parents where none were to be had. Through all the millions of miles of space and the machinations of a handful of political systems, humans finding connection in ways that matter is what won.

This is a more than worthy finale to one of my favorite science fiction series. I suspect I’ll reread this from start to finish in a few years.

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