Alcohol is Bad for You

One of these days, the preponderance of evidence is going to cause a shift in the culture around alcohol. I suspect I’ll be long gone but articles like this make it increasingly apparent that alcohol has a massive negative impact on our health.

I haven’t had a drink in over 15 years and I do mourn the loss of that social outlet. I recognize the value of how we can come together “over a few drinks.” I also recognize that my relationship to alcohol is decidedly more negative than most people experience. I’m happy that’s true because it’s a shit road to walk in the early days.

Still, I wonder if we couldn’t find other ways to pass time in each other’s presence. I’m pro-marijuana and I think, in some cases, that’s a decent substitute. However, we’ve already shown that we aren’t great at regulating or managing even that drug in its nascent legal forms. Ever more potent strains and preparations are not really what we need if we see it as medicinal, social, and safe. It seems like we will get ourselves right back into the place we find we are in with alcohol. The only difference is that moderate or minimal weed usage hasn’t yet shown to have the kinds of negative impacts as are reported in that article above. Maybe that’s the hope we can latch onto.

Until then, I’d implore anyone to give it a go for a month without alcohol. You probably aren’t a problem drinker but just give it a try. See if you feel any different. See if you think any different. See if you treat others any different.

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