Support from a Bunker

Just now, I filled out a support ticket for a piece of software that I use. Their auto-reply mentions that the company and many of its employees are based in Kyiv.

I can only hope that they’ve all been able to get out of harm’s way and are staying safe. It breaks my heart to imagine someone trying to answer my stupid email about changing an address on my account. They are likely working in temporary quarters far from home and with the safety of their friends, family, and country weighing on their minds.

In our globally connected society, it’s a reminder that this isn’t just happening “over there somewhere.” It’s happening right here. It’s happening to people that we might speak to, work with, and collaborate with. It’s heartbreaking that in a time of almost infinite ability to connect, we still stand so far apart.

My heart goes out to the people at MacPaw.

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