Modern Penpals

I’ve recently signed up with Postcrossing which reminds me of the very best of the early Internet. The service connects you with other users by sending postcards to random people in other countries than your own. I love the idea of using technology to empower something as old as postcards via mail.

Screenshot of the Postcrossing website which describes how the service works

I’ve just sent my first postcard this week (to Germany!) and I’ll be curious to see when it gets registered as having been received. I made the postcards myself. I have some ideas about how to make them even higher quality but still very much handmade. I’ve long harbored a secret passion for stationery. It’s not a hobby I get to indulge often so my discovery of Postcrossing was a happy accident.

There are a couple of ways one can find enjoyment in this service. It tickles the sheer joy of random mail arriving at your home. It adds a bit of trivia that’s lovely to noodle around looking up the locations of folks you swap correspondence with. It can be an opportunity for craft. And maybe, just maybe, it becomes a way to make a connection with someone in an entirely different walk of life from yourself.

All it costs is a stamp!

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