Vapor1994 in Swedish

I received a report from @ndreas that my Vapor1994 theme wasn’t working with some characters in the Swedish alphabet. My initial instinct was that the fonts I chose simply didn’t have those characters.

I made a test post on my test blog using what I think is a review of a grill which I copied from Aftonbladet. Those Swedish characters seem to be working correctly as shown in the screenshot below. I think something else must be wrong.

A screenshot showing Swedish text displaying correctly in a test post using the Vapor1994 theme.

One thing any Vapor1994 user should confirm is that your blog is using Hugo version 0.91. This is set on the “Design” page as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of's Design settings page with the Hugo version selection field highlighted with version 0.91 selected.

If anyone has any ideas what might be causing problems for @ndreas, please let us know.

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