In what year did pitchers become “very serious players” instead of the characters and bon vivants of the game? I get there’s a lot of money blowing around but have a little fun. ⚾

Now that the Cleveland Indians are becoming the Cleveland Guardians, I would like to announce my three favorite choices for the Atlanta Braves ⚾:

Atlanta Pinecones / Atlanta Peanuts / Atlanta Traffic

I know some folks want to get moralistic about all this “sticky stuff” talk in baseball. For me, it’s about a more exciting and less predictable game. I think the games have simply been more interesting since this ruling came down. ⚾

Lewis Hamilton overcomes a 10 second penalty after an early tussle with Max. I know opinions abound but it’s hard to brook any argument that says Hamilton isn’t the best F1 driver of all time. 🐐🏎️

I know the All-Star Break is a nice special event. I’m ready to get back to the rhythm of regular season games. Hoping the Braves start to climb above .500. ⚾️